What is Adult and Internal Medicine?

Primary Care Physicians for Adults

Your primary care provider is your partner is healthcare—providing routine care for illness and injuries, managing long-term concerns, and helping you reach your goals. Your provider should be one you trust and one that has experience and expertise with your specific healthcare concerns. For many adults, the best fit for a primary care physician could be an Adult and Internal Medicine provider.

What is Adult and Internal Medicine?

Just like Pediatrics is primary care specifically for children, Adult and Internal Medicine is a type of primary care specifically for adults ages 18 and older, with a focus on preventive care, early disease detection, and disease management—it’s like Family Medicine for adults only. Adult and Internal Medicine providers can be doctors of internal medicine or “internists” (not to be confused with an intern—a doctor in their first year of residency) or Family Medicine providers with a specialty in treating adults. Both receive specialized training in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions that affect people during their adult lives.

“A majority of adult health issues—blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease—are first identified in adults by primary care doctors, giving us the opportunity to make a difference early on,” said Dr. Jazab Sheikh, a Family Medicine provider who specializes in primary care for adults. “At that point, I can provide education to my patients, or begin treatment, and help stop a disease from progressing.”

Care for the complex

Those who have complicated medical histories, who take multiple medications, or who suffer from unknown symptoms can be ideal patients for Adult and Internal Medicine. Providers are experts in recognizing and caring for chronic illnesses and conditions such as COPD, diabetes, sleep apnea, severe obesity, and other disorders.

“A lot of people come to me with symptoms and are looking for answers. Sometimes they need to take a new medication, and I’ll explain why they need to take it and the steps they can take to get better. In some cases, I’ll consult with a specialist and coordinate their specialty care.”

Preventive health & wellness

Adult and Internal Medicine primary care physicians and providers offer preventive care, including wellness exams and immunizations. Dr. Sheikh encourages everyone to see their primary care doctor annually to evaluate their overall health, even if they aren’t experiencing specific symptoms.

“A health issue doesn’t arise overnight—there’s always something that led to it,” said Dr. Sheikh. “Getting predisposed factors such as weight or high blood pressure under control early in your adult life can help avoid health issues later. I work with my patients to map out the steps they can take to improve their general physical and mental health. Maybe that’s learning to eat healthier or exercising more, or eliminating unhealthy habits.”

Dr. Jazab Sheikh is accepting new appointments for patients ages 18 and older in all stages of life—from young adult to elder health. Adult and Internal Medicine is located at Samaritan Clinic on Pioneer, Suite 150. Call 509.793.9780 for more information.

Article Source: Samaritan Healthcare