Podiatry: Diabetic foot care and more

How often do we take our feet for granted? They take us where we want to go and we rarely give them a second thought—until an injury occurs or a painful condition develops and then they demand our attention. Enter, the experienced podiatry care team at Samaritan.

Our Podiatry team is led by Dr. Arezou Amidi, our highly skilled, on-staff podiatrist. Dr. Amidi has specialized fellowship training, which means she has greatly expanded her surgical skills and knowledge with an intensive, higher level of training in surgery and reconstruction. Having Dr. Amidi as the podiatry surgeon at Samaritan gives area residents state-of-the-art care when surgery is needed.

Diabetic foot care.

In addition to surgery, another area Dr. Amidi specializes in is diabetic foot care. Those with diabetes know that their feet are especially vulnerable to the complications of diabetes—from losing feeling due to nerve damage to a cut or blister that won’t heal. When nerves are damaged, you may feel no pain, but it also means a sore or wound could become a foot ulcer. If it isn’t treated, amputation could be needed to keep the infection from spreading.

Keeping your feet healthy if you have diabetes:

  • Wash them daily and look for any changes to skin/toenails
  • Always wear shoes/slippers to prevent injury
  • Keep toenails trimmed (straight across, not angled to prevent them from becoming ingrown)
  • Elevate feet when sitting and wiggle your toes several times daily
  • Have feet checked at every medical appointment—annually or more often if you have nerve damage

If you are diabetic and see changes in your feet (even if it seems minor), don’t wait for your next appointment—see your doctor immediately.

“I appreciate being able to spend time with a patient and really learn what their needs are,” said Dr. Amidi. “I encourage them to understand how important it is to follow through with the treatment plan. Above all, I want to sincerely care for my patients so they have the best possibility to achieve success in healing.”

What does overall podiatry care include?

Dr. Amidi provides care, surgery, and reconstruction for foot, ankle, and lower leg injuries. This includes fractures, soft tissue and tendon repair, wound care, bunion surgery, as well as other conditions. She also provides nonsurgical foot, toe, and nail care, including foot treatments (regular and diabetic), prescription orthotics, and other procedures.

Dr. Amidi’s state-of-the-art, podiatry expertise means if you require diabetic foot care or have foot or ankle pain or injury, she can treat you here, close to home, so you can return to pain-free mobility.

Samaritan Podiatry is located at Samaritan Clinic on Pioneer, Suite 350. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Amidi, please call 509-793-9770.

Podiatry surgeries and treatments include:

  • Surgeries of the foot and ankle
  • Fractures of the foot and ankle
  • Reconstruction procedures
  • Sports injuries
  • Soft tissue repair in the lower leg
  • Tendon rupture/repair
  • Bunions
  • Prescription orthotics
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Relief from plantar fasciitis and heel pain
  • Routine foot treatments

Article Source: Samaritan Healthcare